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Meyer Plow Specifications



The ez-mount plus is intended for contractors and personal users that want the convenience of a modular system that allows the lift frame, hydraulic power system and moldboard to be removed as a single unit.  When removed, the ez-mount plus features and under carriage mounting system that virtually hides the mount, leaving your truck with a clean, neat appearance from spring through fall.  But when the work needs to get done, mounting is quick and easy.  Simply pull up, connect the power supply, insert two pins, and you’re on your way.

  • Teardrop-shaped a-frame with center pivot point allows the plow to stay flat against the pavement-even as the crown of the road changes.
  • Two locking arms clamp onto the patented lift frame with 4” of alignment leeway-up, down, left or right- automatically centering the moldboard as you hook up.
  • Municipal-inspired push bar improves weight capacity and distribution minimizing stress on the frame of your vehicle.
  • Heavy-duty jack is included for flexible storage when storing the plow on uneven or soft ground.
  • Easy-on/off mounting system delivers reliable performance and lets you store the system as one unit.
Under carriage mounting system virtually hides the mount, leaving your vehicle with a clean, neat appearance when the plow is removed.










ST Series Snowplows are perfectly sized for personal users looking to plow their driveway for safety and convenience. The ST Series models are designed to fit today’s midsized 4x4s, SUVs and 1/2-ton pickups. These rugged personal plows deliver all the strength and efficiency needed for personal use.
The ST Series has a full-trip moldboard for operator safety, it’s easy to maintain and will last for years – it’s exactly what homeowners need from their plow.
Available in three steel models and two polyethylene models, the ST/STL Series comes in widths of 7' and 7 1/2' to fit a wider range of vehicles.
The TM Series of personal-use snowplows satisfies the increasing popularity of smaller sport utility vehicles and light-duty pickup trucks. They’re designed specifically to fit the weight limits and axle capacities of these smaller vehicles without sacrificing snow-removal performance. Meyer provides these owners and operators the high-performance they expect.
The TM Series has a full-trip design that is made to give way, absorbing the impact caused by snow-covered objects. This helps protect the equipment from damage, and more importantly, it helps protect you.

Available in three steel models and two polyethylene models, the TM Series comes in widths from 5' up to 7' to fit a wider range of vehicles.












Meyer’s Super V gives operators one-touch versatility that's super easy, super fast and super tough. The Super-V' features a one touch controller and dual-acting cylinders, so you can put the plow in just about any configuration by pushing just one button.

    • Each of its bottom-trip moldboards can trip independently.
    • Double Acting Cylinders to back drag more efficiently. Just set the angle you want and the blade position is locked. It does not matter if you're plowing forward or backward.
    • One Button Controller for straight plow or V-Plow modes. Control system features one button straight blade positioning in scoop mode or controlling the left or right blade angle. Get independent wing control with one touch when operating in V-Plow mode.
    • Bottom Trip Edge - No matter how the wings are configured, only the lower portion of the plow gives way, while the rigid moldboard remains upright so the load is not lost.
    • Upper and Lower Deflectors - Exclusive upper sealed center deflector along with optional wing deflectors keep snow and ice off your windshield. Standard lower sealed center deflector never leaves snow trails behind, so there is no mess to clean-up afterwards.
    • Slot and Tab Moldboard construction for stronger joints and improved durability.
    • Positive Return Stops take the pressure off the cylinders, while eliminating pre-mature wear.
    • Laser Cut Ribs and Plates ensure tight tolerances and more precise, longer lasting moldboard.
    • 1-3/4" heavy duty lift cylinder is more reliable.












For contractors who take pride in a finished lot that looks like summertime, the Lot Pro™ features the tallest and most aggressive contractor-class moldboard on the market. Thirty-two inches tall with a 75° attack angle, Lot Pros deliver better overall clearing performance in less time. And the aggressive attack angle allows for superior back-dragging performance.

Steel Lot Pros are powder coated with DURA-SLICK™ automotive paint with Teflon® for superior snow-rolling action. Lot Pros are available in steel, stainless steel and poly moldboards.


Behind the moldboard is totally redesigned "black iron" consisting of robust, tubular steel A-frame and pivot bar. Highway plow-inspired, this simplified design creates a stronger plow at key pressure zones and more evenly distributes the load. The pressure zones are further enhanced by three, reinforced points-of-contact and a tubular bar along the entire back of the moldboard for increased torsional strength.


The modular EZ-Mount Plus system conveniently attaches or detaches from the truck in less than a minute and leaves the truck with a clean, off-the-assembly-line appearance when not attached.






Meyer Lot Pro Snow Plow







The Diamond Edge features a 70 degree attack angle and aggressive curvature that improves path clearing and snow rolling action to move more snow in less time. The Diamond Edge also features slot and tab construction and a steel moldboard that provides excellent strength and years of performance.

  • The bottom trip feature keeps the moldboard upright while the lower portion gives way when obstacles are struck, providing protection and safety.
  • Standard reversible cutting edge breaks up packed snow and ice, and is reversible to extend wear life
Heavy duty adjustable trip springs provide protection and long service life.











Municipal Series HM/HML delivers the performance and the durability needed to tackle the main streets and intersections, side streets, on-ramps and off-ramps. These full-trip snowplows are built tough and made to last. This heavy-duty municipal plow gives you the strength to move heavy, wet snow effortlessly.

Multiple one-piece vertical ribs, heavy-gauge steel or thick polyethylene and adjustable trip springs add to the performance features. Heavy cast runners deliver proper support on paved and gravel surfaces. And each plow comes with Meyer Nite Saber® lights to give you a better view of the road at night.


The Aggressor X® Full-Trip and Bottom-Trip municipal snowplows are the most robust and most versatile plows in the Meyer® line-up. At 10' wide, 36" tall and weighing 1,600 pounds, it’s the perfect match for 26,000–33,000 lb. GVW municipal trucks. All Aggressor X models have re-enforced vertical ribs and dependable trip springs that enable them to tame the most punishing city streets and small rural neighborhoods.


All Aggressor X moldboards are manufactured from 10-gauge steel to provide the strength you need from a heavy-duty municipal snowplow. The aggressive attack angle, with 15" overhang and precision-cut radius throw snow higher and farther to leave only the cleanest roads behind with the industry-best snow-rolling action. Available on the steel moldboards only, the Aggressor steel moldboards are continuous welded for strength and durability. Poly model also available.








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